About Us


ãlkaLife is a new and emerging brand, which hopes and inspires to introduce many beverages in the near future, starting with the most important, water. Our brand recognizes the importance of clean drinking water, which is why health and safety standards are always a top priority.


Our water goes through a state-of-the-art purification process, providing hydration your body craves in its purest form. Pure Water. Perfect Taste.


ãlkaLife water was created to provide families and communities water they can rely on, purified to perfection, our water is charged with essential minerals, which revitalize the body to its core. Our water guarantees purity in every drop which is safe and refreshing. Using superior minerals, our bottles are packaged with confidence and care, providing quality in every sip you take. A perfect companion for a healthy life. ãlkaLife.


With the support from our communities far and wide, ãlkaLife has goals to grow and expand, making our water accessible to all.